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Gas and Heat investe costantemente nella

Ricerca e Sviluppo di nuove tecnologie per un futuro sostenibile.

 Abbiamo consolidate partnership con Università Italiane ed Estere, siamo attivi con vari Centri di Ricerca per la diffusione di nuovi combustibili quali il Bio GNL, l’Ammoniaca, il Metanolo e l’idrogeno. La nostra Ricerca e Sviluppo non traguarda solo ai nuovi combustibili, siamo fortemente impegnati anche al miglioramento continuo dei propri processi produttivi. Ricerca di materiali innovativi da leghe di Nichel a vari acciai austenitici con apporto di manganese. Ottimizzazione e ricerca di materiali di consumo per la saldatura. Ricerca costante per il miglioramento dei nostri processi di saldatura automatizzati.
Miglioramento continuo delle nostre soluzioni «plug and play» per i nostri impianti realizzati su Skid.
Ricerca costante su nuovi materiali isolanti per serbatoi e tubazioni a singola e doppia parete. Ricerca continua per l’ottimizzazione dei sistemi di contenimento e gestione dei gas criogenici.
Ci dedichiamo all’innovazione, al miglioramento continuo e alla responsabilità ambientale.

Two milestones, one goal: innovation for future

Gas and Heat with Bureau Veritas for LNG and Ammonia

While LNG is expected to be widely used this decade, alternative fuels are under scrutiny to ensure their safe and sustainable use in the future. At the same time, shipowners are becoming more and more focused on multi-fuel supply systems able to handle two or more different fuels. As part of our ambitions to develop innovative solutions to help the industry anticipate the next wave of alternative fuels, Gas and Heat embarked on a study to identify possible options and develop solutions.

Nowaday, Gas and Heat and Bureau Veritas are ready to make cargo/fuel tank compatible with both LNG and Ammonia.

Bureau Veritas a world leader in testing, inspection and certification, has awarded an Approval in Principle (AIP) to Gas and Heat (GH). Through a thorough study, Gas and Heat supported by the BV team demonstrated that IMO Type C cargo/fuel tank made of a specific austenitic steel can transport both LNG and Ammonia for sea-going and inland navigation.

Gas and heat with RINA for Ammonia

RINA and Gas and Heat, have signed an agreement to cooperate on an innovative gas supply system based on ammonia.
Gas and Heat will develop the main design of the AFSS (Ammonia Fuel Supply System) based on their long experience as solution provider as well as shipowner of gas carriers; whilst RINA will share its expertise for the energy transition towards the relevant applicable rules according to the IMO’s decarbonization goals.

Within the agreement, we will cooperate on two main projects:
• Ammonia Fuel Supply System (AFSS) for ammonia fueled ships taking into account different vessels operational profiles
• AFSS Integration Analysis into different type of ships, considering both new buildings and retrofit of existing ships

I nostri brevetti

Cryogenic Plant

The cryogenic system designed by Gas and Heat is a full containment composed by an inner stainless steel  cryogenic tank, an outer secondary containment made by a monobloc concrete structure with the inner space completely full of an independent proper insulation. 

Ship with improved Cryogenic Tank

LNG2Contain™ : an innovative cryogenic tank shape with different diameters capable to support a Tank Connection Space optimizing the space. 

Storage System for Cryogenic Fluid

The storage system for cryogenic fluid provides a tank enclosed within a structure in concrete material and it is characterized by an innovative arrangement of the control devices of the cryogenic fluid in the tank to let easy and quick the control and the maintenance of the system.

Procedure and device for refuelling liquefied and similar gases

LNG4speed™: the liquid gas refuelling procedure/device introduced is suitable to be used in a plurality of cisterns for refuelling a single tank thanks to an innovative control of the correct flow of liquid gas regardless of the conditions of each cistern and the tank. It can be used as bunkering (as Truck to Ship) as well as a mobile truck loading device (as Ship to Truck).

Gas and Heat

for future


Strategie di valore per un futuro sostenibile.

Gas and Heat lavora quotidianamente per un futuro più sostenibile. Impieghiamo risorse alla ricerca di soluzioni improntate all’efficienza.
Studiamo le applicazione di combustibili alternativi e realizziamo il nostro lavoro in modo sostenibile.
Le risorse non sono infinite, la nostra volontà di preservarle invece lo è.