LNG4speed TTS

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Truck to Ship 

LNG4speed TTS is a Docking Station Skid (DSS) designed to speed up the Truck to Ship bunkering operation, able to connect 4 trucks at a time (both liquid and vapor phases) by flexible hoses equipped with quick closing devices enabling quick and safe connection and disconnection. 


The system is designed to speed up the Truck to Ship bunkering of 600 cbm of LNG to a 15000 DWT LNG fueled Chemical Tanker.

  • DSS send out flow 220m3/h @ 6 barg (at skid flange)
  • DSS max. weight: 7 tons
  • Hard material roof and canvas all sides as protection against harsh weather up to -40°C
  • Flow managing by the control valves and automation (Truck to Ship version):
    – NO need to use truck vaporizer and truck pump
    – NO need for manual flow adjustment by the operator

Decreasing of bunkering time

Optimization of ship BOG and truck pressure management that significantly reduce the overall bunkering time

Zero emissions policy: release to the atmosphere is avoided as methane is considered a greenhouse gas

Minimization of skid weight/dimension

Powered either by ship or shore electrical connection

Proper devices to easy/safe truck connection/disconnection (from 1 to 4) with NO bunkering interruption

Connection/disconnection of trucks (from 1 to 4) with NO bunkering interruption

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