Gas and Heat World


A company connected to the world

Most of the opportunities Gas and Heat usually pursue are related to marine units to be equipped with a Cargo system or a Fuel Supply System as well as both of the them. Therefore, Shipyards are the “front” customer Gas and Heat more often liaise with. They are spread worldwide, though there are geographical areas where they are more concentrated such as Turkey, Vietnam, Poland, China, Spain, France, Italy.

However, since the Cargo System and the Fuel Supply System are considered as the distinguishing mark of any ship, Owners/Charterers are usually deep involved in the selection of both the relevant brand and the applicable technology.
Again, we must say that Owners/Charterers are also spread worldwide. Last but not least, Brokers and Ship Designers are also involved in the value chain whereby Gas and Heat must keep good relationship with these stakeholders as well, regardless their specific place of location.