Customized solutions to

designing the future


From design to implementation

The tank design and manufacturing cycle is completely carried out in the

workshop of Tombolo

Starting from the steel plates forming for the heads, the rolling, bending and beveling of the shell plates, assembly, welding, testing and inspection of the complete tank, to the hydraulic test and subsequent insulation. The company performs the basic and detailed design of the cargo plant and purchases the related machinery, equipment and components, as well as instrumentation and automation, which is also entirely designed, developed and implemented through its own technicians, in the operational headquarters inserted in the heart of Tuscany.

Customized solutions for specific needs

What distinguishes Gas and Heat from most players in the market is the ability to build highly engineered installations, take care of the entire logistics of the installation, combining the owner's objectives with the needs of construction.
In fact, according to the needs and requirements of the client, Gas and Heat provides:
- Design, supply of materials and construction of the deck in modules, complete with compressor deckhouse.
- Design, construction installation on the deck modules of the cargo and ship service piping, fittings, machinery, including instrumentation, hydraulic systems and insulation.
- Transportation of the supply to the ship builder's yard and installation on board of the cargo tanks and the fitted-out deck modules.
- Completion and start-up of the cargo facility and services.
- Design, material supply, construction, erection and commissioning of all ship piping in and out of AM.

Innovation and decarbonization

In this period of evolution, in which decarbonization is a focal goal for companies, institutions, and citizens to pursue, Gas and Heat brings to life highly innovative projects, proposing systems for storing new cargo and green-fuel in both the marine and onshore sectors.

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