Green Strategies

for a greener
world every day


Energy sources: the alternative is there.

The resources of our world are not infinite: our desire to preserve them is.
Everything we do is inspired by the goal of optimizing the
energy sources available to us as much as possible; we direct all our production and investment choices toward alternative fuels and low or zero impact on the environmental system.

In particular, Gas and Heat's choices are aimed at the construction and deployment of systems using alternative fuels to decarbonize the marine sector.


Liquefied natural gas is now a solid reality, a fundamental resource for energy management in today's society. The technology for its use and infrastructure are now mature and well established. LNG is an easy-to-transport and safe fuel, currently representing one of the best environmentally friendly energy carriers available on the market for civil, industrial, and heavy-duty trucking supplies. LNG for Gas and Heat is the foundation on which its expertise is built, and despite the established knowledge, Gas and Heat continues to deepen and study to provide products that are always competitive and in line with the needs and requirements of the market. Gas and Heat constantly researches environmental sustainability and seeks to include not only LNG but also BIOGNL in its new projects; it acts as a promoter to implement a BIOGNL production chain to be offered to its customers in the perspective of decarbonization of the maritime sector.


If LNG represents a more environmentally friendly evolution of an already proven gas, hydrogen represents the future in the field of alternative fuels.
It is a naturally occurring gas, indeed the most abundant in the entire universe, the first and lightest element on the periodic table.

Hydrogen does not emit CO2 or polluting factors; it can be produced from renewables and stored conveniently and safely.


On the path to a carbon-free future, ammonia represents a path that was already taken decades ago, although then not enhanced. Today, ammonia, used as a fuel, stands out among the decisive solutions to address environmental issues because it is not made up of carbon atoms, so burning it cannot release carbon dioxide. The most important challenge for the use of this fuel is safety; Gas and Heat through its expertise and aptitude researches and proposes simple and robust solutions for the use of this fuel. Working side by side with certification classes and universities it explores the potential of this fuel. Starting from materials to the management system of them Gas and Heat focuses in its activity to provide solutions that are always current.